About Elizabeth Robinson

When Elizabeth was very little, she was able to see and sense the unseen, when others around her could not.

In her twenties, happily married and a devoted mum, Elizabeth suddenly and unexpectedly experienced an escalation of her higher perceptual abilities leading to a profound turning point.

At just twenty-eight Elizabeth would begin an extraordinary journey of spiritual and personal transformation that would not only change the way she lived and worked, but change the way she perceived the world within and around her.

Today, author and international consultant Elizabeth Robinson is able to use her unique and powerful higher sensory perceptual abilities and her potent energy transmissions with her professional counselling expertise and experience, to create a remarkable new platform for coaching others to transcend barriers and create the life they love.

​Elizabeth Robinson BSW MIICT is highly regarded internationally as a powerful visionary, known for her extraordinary intuition and second sight abilities.

She is a gifted counsellor and coach, whose experience and expertise create a powerful new vision for transformation and change.

Life-Changing Insights

With an international clientele, Elizabeth’s wisdom and powerful insight has assisted many people gain significant shifts and sustained change. ​​

Known for her gregarious style as a speaker and educator, Elizabeth has been well received presenting at conferences and leading workshops in Australia and the USA.  

Wings of Wisdom, Elizabeth Robinson

Highly Experienced

With thirty years professional experience in the industry, Elizabeth is university trained and educated and has had many years of clinical experience as a Professional Counsellor in public healthcare and educational settings and extensive experience in private practice. She also draws upon twenty-five years of self-development and spiritual development adding depth and potency to her work.

Elizabeth has worked as a clinical social worker and professional counsellor, being educated at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. She has worked professionally in a variety of clinical medical positions in hospitals and specialist clinics on the east and west coasts of Australia, including departments of Neurosciences, Neurology, Psychiatry, Rehabilitation Medicine, Surgery and Oncology and more recently in several higher education settings.  

Elizabeth has become passionately committed to awakening and inspiring others throughout the world to realise their true potential, and live the greatest vision of their lives.

To that end, Elizabeth has created unique events and retreats to assist others awaken from limitations, to evolve and elevate in awareness and to discover who they truly are and what their lives can truly become.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Elizabeth is the author of the soon-to-be released remarkable true story There Are No Goodbyes being published internationally by Hay House Publishers in September 2017.


The book is a message of hope, encouraging us to open to a new and greater understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Preorder your copy of There Are No Goodbyes today...


Consultations and Coaching sessions with Elizabeth are dynamic, empowering and deeply nurturing. They provide clarity and strategy for those seeking deeper understanding.


You will join like-minded people for unique events. Elizabeth will share transformative insights and offer powerful one-on-one interventions and unique group processes.


“Elizabeth has almost single-handedly helped me to transform my life. Elizabeth opens such doors more skilfully and empathetically than anyone else I've ever come across.”