Awaken to the Dreaming – A Transformational Event

Join Elizabeth in person for this inspirational event. Elizabeth will offer powerful one-on-one interventions with audience members and unique group processes including an en mass energy transmission for the entire audience. People have described this experience as profound. With her unique multisensory capacities, insight and wisdom, Elizabeth will awaken you to the dreaming and take you on an exciting path of self-discovery. Be inspired. Come join us.

Spirit of Wellness Event

Spirit of Wellness is a very special event where Elizabeth will combine the psychological, metaphysical and energetic to create a powerful and dynamic platform for participants to gain understanding of hidden influences underlying health issues and experience unique interventions to ignite transformation.

  • Discover and unlock the deeper emotional story within your health issues
  • Awaken your original blueprint for wholeness and wellness
  • Gain insight and understanding as Elizabeth uses her extrasensory perceptual abilities to carry out transformative one-on-one interventions with audience members
  • Participate in inspiring group processes
  • Join in an open forum of questions and answers
  • Experience Elizabeth’s powerful and unique en mass energy transmissions
  • Bring higher purpose and deeper meaning to your life

For the Celtic tradition the oak tree held special meaning being looked upon as embodying a storehouse of universal wisdom within its vast towering strength. It has the courage, power and endurance to stand strong through all things. And so it is.

What people have said about Elizabeth's Events:

“I recently had the pleasure of attending Elizabeth’s workshop. It was a wonderful day of healing, learning and inspiration. Elizabeth is a very warm, joyful, sensitive, authentic and engaging speaker. The content of the workshop was fascinating. It felt magical. I felt privileged to participate in such a sacred space. I am still processing all the information and the amazing things that I experienced on the day. The en mass energy transmission was beautiful and very moving. I didn’t want the day to end. It was a truly wonderful experience. Thank you Elizabeth.”

~ Trish Gonzalez

“Elizabeth, thank you many times over. Since attending your workshop you have been in my mind, daily. Your workshop and your book have opened up new dimensions for my spiritual journey. I now have greater awareness, assurance and openness. I have come away with an amplified feeling of higher spiritual connection. It’s not easy to find words to describe it because the effect on me and on my life has been so delicate and so very special. A thousand thanks again.”

~ Ingrid Kaiser

“I feel blessed to have had the privilege of recently meeting Elizabeth. I was also excited to read her book, There Are No Goodbyes. What a courageous story. I was blown away by how deeply this book affected me and it’s beautiful and touching higher spiritual truth. Elizabeth’s workshop was a truly powerful day shared with like-minded souls. Elizabeth's love, kindness, compassion, caring and courage are boundless. I was filled with love and a deeper understanding of my own journey ahead. Being at the event was like Elizabeth's quote: ‘An opening of the Dreamscape.’ It revealed a window into my future.

It was simply divine to spend the day with Elizabeth and be open to the endless possibilities that lie ahead. I look forward to her next event with pleasure.”

~ Sophy Robertson
Creating Sacred Space

“Elizabeth, your event was exceptional on so many levels. What I particularly loved was that it was paradigm-shifting. It stretched the mind AND it comes from your own personal experience and hard work over decades. The audience absolutely loved your information and your articulate and intelligent perspective. Thank you a million times. You are an extraordinary human being Elizabeth with an astonishing and vibrant energy. Your purpose shines out of you like a bright beacon.”

~ Mariana Flynn