Praise for Elizabeth Robinson

Elizabeth has touched the lives of thousands, and her message is now available through her new book There Are No Goodbyes - Guidance and Comfort From Those Who Have Passed.

What people have said about Elizabeth...

“I’ve been fortunate enough to experience Elizabeth's gifts for many years and I’m incredibly grateful for her connectedness and integrity. I’ve gained great solace and insights for my life and for those I love. I always leave Elizabeth with a renewed sense of hope, peace and faith in my journey. Sharing her insights and wisdom through her writing, means even more people will now be blessed by her gifts. Gratitude and blessings abound.”

- Anne Looby, Actress, Australia

"Elizabeth is one of those authentic people who knows their life’s purpose beyond a shadow of a doubt. She was born to be a visionary, has a precious gift and is the real deal. With her huge heart, great empathy and sense of humour she lovingly guides people to understand the truth behind what may seem deeply challenging in their lives and in the lives of loved ones. She continues to be a great teacher and I am blessed by her being in my life."

- Susan Boehm, Fruition Mentoring, CEO, LA

"Elizabeth Robinson is like a breath of fresh air. Her work is special on every level! I love her sessions and her insights. They give clarity and guidance and encouragement in a warm and nurturing atmosphere. She has an incredible gift and is able to marry her background as a professional counsellor with a very special ability to communicate with spirit. In so doing she brings to the table her unique approach to healing. I can't wait to read her book when it’s released in September 2017."

- Dr Mary Cormack, Sydney, Australia

"I work around the planet coaching and training business leaders of multinational corporations as my profession. I would not be able to hold the space for the kind of emotional intelligence this requires were it not for Elizabeth's work with me. This helps me to help others make better decisions and solve bigger problems."

- Peter Smith, International Corporate Trainer

"Elizabeth is a remarkable intuitive counsellor and coach with a traditional background in social work and mental health. I recently met Elizabeth at an Australian conference where she captivated a large audience with her powerful energy transmissions presentation. I was also moved to attend her private group gathering and work with her individually. Her warmth and truly caring personality encourages people to discover their true higher human potential. Elizabeth offers a powerful and unique platform for personal development and spiritual discovery."

- Michael Schauer, works as a Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice for more than thirty years in North Queensland (Townsville)

“After only one session with Elizabeth, my world changed significantly. Within a week, a number of new contacts and several more business opportunities opened up for me. I stood taller, my posture improved and I no longer had the pain in my neck and shoulders I had been carrying for years. I will definitely continue my work with Elizabeth.”

- Fiona Leard, Coach of Professional and Elite Athletes Australia
Author: ‘The Yoga Edge: Techniques to Maximise Your Soccer Game’

“I am eternally grateful to have met Elizabeth Robinson, let alone to fondly call her my friend. I can sincerely say that she has helped me to not only find my path, but her insight and wisdom has made it possible for me to better understand it.”

- Rob Prugue, CEO, L.A.M, Australia

“Elizabeth Robinson is a gifted intuitive and coach with an unusual ability to transcend and transform. She sees into realms we can only imagine, shining light, guidance and wonder wherever she treads on her adventures into the deep here and now and to the great beyond.”

- David Frances Author: Stray Dog Winter & Wedding Bush Road Lawyer, Academic. Los Angeles

“Through Elizabeth’s powerful personal sessions she opens doorways to new understanding and new skills, she facilitates healing and enables freedom from self or external entrapment. Elizabeth empowers a level of self-awareness more than could ever be achieved through coaching or individual healing modalities. She is a complete package. Elizabeth is a gifted coach, healer, intuit, and angel. I am so grateful to have found her.”

- Deb Fields, Change Architect, Sydney, Australia

About Elizabeth Robinson

Intuitive Coach, Writer, Speaker, Facilitator
Making the Invisible Visible

Working with Elizabeth is inspiring, empowering and deeply nurturing. She will awaken your potential to create powerful, positive and sustained change.

Elizabeth Robinson BSW MIICT is highly regarded internationally as a powerful visionary, known for her extraordinary intuition and second sight abilities.

She is a gifted counsellor and coach, whose experience and expertise create a remarkably powerful platform for transformation and change.

Elizabeth Robinson